I’m an Amateur “Intellectual”?Why I'm forgoing formal education and embracing an amateur status for my learning and studying. June 9, 2024 personal the good life

We Want Life Without The “Responsibility of Living It”"They wanted words instead of life, reports instead of reality, words that would create the illusion of life while relieving them of responsibility for living it, words of authority on which they could rely and retire.” June 7, 2024 the good life responsibility autonomy

Using a Blog to Clarify Your ThoughtsI enjoyed this post from Cory Doctorow on how blogging has shaped his writing career. I resonated with the idea of public notes which strikes me as similar to digital gardens. The idea that my thoughts and notes will be “out there” for the public is comparable to taking them and placing them in a purifying... June 3, 2024 blogging note-taking digital gardens

The Real Risk of Our Times—“Atoms Floating in the Void”If you read anything in modern parenting culture you'll probably run across the idea that we don't allow our children to take enough risks and that is leading to mental health issues later. In this post I respond to a comment from a Plough article that implies our risk-aversion is selective; Our culture encourages risk-taking that increases our autonomy, but discourages risk-taking that might decrease it. Is that the real root of the mental health crisis? April 7, 2024 risk modernity autonomy

An Introduction Through QuestionsIn which I offer four reasons why I value questions along with some of my favorites. These questions will serve as the source from which ideas and reflections will be shared. April 1, 2024 questions